About us

About us - english service description

insic compliance Software and ID-Services are based on flexible workflow management for your business needs in the digital world. Fast and safe proof of personal data accompanied by full functionality to comply with your regulatory framework. High security standards and modern technologies driven by usability and innovation.

We mitigate the complexity of KYC processing and make identification transparent and secure for the user. We offer end-to-end services for merchants of sensitive goods, gaming license holders and service providers having to comply with legal restrictions.

Benefit from our partnership with leading market players such as SCHUFA, German Sparkassen, cooperation with major private Gaming & Gambling operators and most German State Lotteries. Get updated with the latest information based on our friendly relation with the regulatory bodies. insic is officially listed in the official requirements as a native certified service provider. Limit your risk avoiding conflicts with the regulator and become able to adopt your ID-Service in minutes following any updated authorities requirement.

Our value proposition: Get the best conversion in the market having a wide range of identification-methods at best price. Get all relevant compliance and ID-Services via a single API.

Our promise

  • best usability in complex workflows,
  • highest conversion under the applicable regulation,
  • freedom to define individual ID processes easing your IT project,
  • combine insic own services with selected services from the market,
  • smart, compliant and reliable

Compliant with high standards

  • complies with 4th EU anti money laundering directive,
  • confirmed by Komission für Jugendmedienschutz 2008, 2015 and 2020,
  • confirmed by World Lottery Association via German state Lotto 2018,
  • CSR confirmed by European Lotteries via German state Lotto 2018,
  • IT-security, quality ISO/IEC 27001 hosting in the data center 2020,
  • confirmed by the RPDA for the products OASIS and ARGUS 2019,
  • certified by the Schufa for ID and scoring products 2007 to 2022 and
  • confirmed by the Spillemyndigheden for SAFE and ROFUS 2018 and 2022

Mission statement

Compliance, social responsibility, care for under-aged people as well as protection of gambling addicted online players challenge us to deliver this unique service. Our service helps online portals to identify their users in order to comply with complex kyc requirements.

  • compliant proof of users identity and age,
  • “no ads” policy since 2007,
  • very easy to integrate,
  • full flexibility in designing of your workflow,
  • no double use of user data by other partners, no pooling of identities and
  • we delete user profiles asap once the identity is confirmed

Our services comply with highest standards of German law. We also guide our customers through the strong legal provisions of

  • JMStV (youth protection act),
  • TMG (telemedia act),
  • BDSG, EU-DSGVO (data security acts),
  • GlüStV 2021 (new gambling act effective from 01.07.2021) and
  • GwG (money laundering act) and its following diretives such as AUA-Glücksspiel.

The configured processes are adopted to our customers license requirements and local standards.

Benefit from the insic partner GFR-Consult provides AML/MLRO services for more than 250 companies and locations acting in Germany. We understand the current regulation.

User advantage

The end-user ideally does not acknowledge that we are around. Best way to use our system is to be fully integrated into our partners online platform. Users benefit from an open selection of modern ID-methods having the option for ultra-fast background and interactive confirmation of personal data.

We store a minimum of personal data and delete the given information as soon as possible as agreed by our partners. We do not spam. insic has never sent a newsletter or any kind of promotional message to our registered users.

Nevertheless, the service is free for the user. All costs will be borne by the partner platform to which our service is integrated.


The price structure has following elements:

  • life-time license fee of 2.800€ per module to cover the development costs,
  • insic-transaction fee to cover the technical operating volume based from 0,10€ to 1,00€ per new user registration,
  • special arrangements for high volume services such as OASIS check and OASIS block inquiries and
  • costs of external data sources such as SCHUFA, VideoIdent, SMS, banking fees, PEP checks, OASIS based on direct contracts between our partners with the data sources.
  • NO surcharge on external transaction fees, our partner negotiates and contracts external data sources directly.


Certified: certified services confirmed the authorities delivering highest standards as a benchmark for European markets (Germany: KJM, FSM, RPDA, Schufa, Denmark: DGA, UK: UKGC/2016, WLA and EL/CSR via German State Lottery)

Aggregator: insic aggregates all ID processes in a unique plug-in concept. New ID-methods get integrated as new plug-ins at a fixed rate. We provide all relevant ID services for the German market incl. gaming specific checks such as OASIS player blacklisting.

Workflow: We provide a globally unique workflow management for ID-processes. Any change in the workflow changes the user frontend instantly. Our partners decide on the level of compliance to get achieved. We support but do not advice because our partners act based on their licence.

User interface: The functionality and appearance visible for the user changes based on the workflow and design-template definition. Seamless integration remains the target.

API: The insic service works completely headless in case of need. All functions are available via json based https requests. All ID services are accessible via a single technical implementation. A self-documenting postman collection is available on request also.

Hosting: You decide on the hosting model. We provide SAAS on a shared instance, on premise and preferrable in the AWS cloud.

German market

Top-rated and exclusive combination of ID products for the German Gaming and Gambling market such as

  • IdentCheck by SCHUFA for age and address confirmation,
  • AccountNumberCheck by SCHUFA for bank account confirmation,
  • BirthdataCheck by SCHUFA to confirm place of birth and maiden name – insic exclusive,
  • ReCheck by SCHUFA or annual re-checks with reduced transacion costs – insic exclusive,
  • Score B2C by SCHUFA,
  • Score B2B by SCHUFA,
  • G-Auskunft by SCHUFA or Limit increase up to 10.000€,
  • FINAPI access-to-account for limit increase beyond 10.000€,
  • insic exclusive real-time 1-Cent PIN transfer via insic´s German Sparkassen bank accounts,
  • insic exclusive KJM certified AI based VideoIdent without operator for 0,68€ only per succeeded check,
  • OASIS checks including OASIS blocking mechanism,
  • LUGAS SAFE Server, LUGAS activity file, LUGAS limit file, ARGUS SAFE,
  • GiropayID and yes.com ID checks via German banking system and also
  • eIDAS comliant ID-services in cooperation with WebID


A growing number of globally used ID services allow us to develop into new markets using our core technology. We already provide ID-services with our European approach such as

  • automatic passport recognition,
  • manual passport check – provided by insic,
  • face recognition with liveness detection/ AutoIdentification – provided by insic,
  • template based OCR functionality – provided by insic,
  • document handling for e.g. utility bills – provided by insic,
  • OCR document recognition – provided by insic,
  • Credit-card recognition with owner check – provided by insic,
  • IBAN based bank transfers in batch and real-time – provided by insic,
  • Banking checks,
  • automatic source-of-funds checks,
  • ROFUS ID-check in Denmark,
  • SMS Gateway,
  • Point-of-Sales check – provided by insic,
  • Point-of-sales passport scanner integration – provided by insic,
  • PEP and sanction list checks,
  • Players protection and AML monitoring system,
  • SAFE Server after Danish and German law incl. LUGAS and ARGUS,
  • automatic E-Mail address validation and
  • European postal address verification.

With our partners we are also active in Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Croatia and Malta. In our core market Germany we identifiy users from all over the world living in or migrating into Germany. These user groups may use their local documents and with international profile data. This global attempt follows the emerging regulatory framework in Europe.