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User registration and identification service with flexible workflow for your business requirements in the digital world fast and secure verification of personal data. High security standards and modern technologies, driven by innovation and quality. We simplify the complexity of KYC.

Our mission

Driven by responsibility – we develop and establish efficient identification standards. Compliance requirements, social responsibility, care for young people and the protection of gambling-addicted online gamblers challenge us to offer this unique service. Our service helps online portals with identification.

Our portfolio

Our IT-driven process competence combined with legal services enables us to offer a unique portfolio of products and services. Identification and 18+… for youth protection, identification for anti-money laundering and protection against fraud in combination with expertise in registration and identification process management.

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€ 0
20 registrations per month
40 checking processes per month
Anonymization after 30 days
Deletion of data after 60 days
JMStV, JuschG, GwG
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€ 500
1.000 registrations
2.000 checking processes
Anonymization after 90 days
Deletion of data after 120 days
GlüStV, JMStV, JuschG, GwG
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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

insic is an owner-managed company rooted in Northern Germany and has been combining all ID procedures approved in Germany in one service since 2007.
We are a Schufa Partner, FSM member, positively assessed by the KJM, recognised by the Ministries of the Interior of the Länder and the gambling supervisory authorities. Our systems process several thousand new registrations daily and have carried out over 2 million checks in 2019.
insic is not subject to the constraints of a profit-oriented and anonymous group. For us, data avoidance and data economy are more important than economic interests. We are financially independent and pursue a long-term strategy in the interest of our users and partners. We are socially committed to our employees and our environment within the scope of our possibilities. This includes not least the offer of a free product for providers who cannot afford an AVS.
Our strengths are personal responsibility, high commitment and unique competence in our segment.

The Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) evaluates systems for age verification (AVS) according to certain criteria and confirms that they comply with the applicable evaluation grid. The insic was positively assessed twice in 2008 and 2015 upon application. In addition to the KJM, the FSM also approves age verification systems and adopts the results of the assessment by the KJM. insic has been a member of the FSM since 2016. The FSM provides the youth protection officer of insic.

In the insic system the identification process is freely adjustable. Depending on requirements and settings, the identification process complies with the legal norms of the State Treaty on Gambling (GlüStV), the State Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV), the Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) and/or the Money Laundering Act (GwG).

The storage period is subject to the legal retention periods and takes place exclusively in Germany under the conditions of the DSGVO. We delete about 90% of the customer data within 14 days. In our systems, we store the data for a maximum of one year, but generally anonymise them earlier. Until deletion, the data is exclusively available to the platform on which you have registered. insic itself does not use the stored data for its own purposes or make them available to third parties. insic does not send newsletters or other information for marketing purposes.

The legally required level of protection can only be achieved by combining different processes. To achieve a particularly high success rate, we combine all relevant procedures in an open workflow. The user is automatically guided through the procedure that makes the most sense in the current situation.

The unique technology of insic allows the easy integration via a uniform API for all ID procedures in combination with an optional widget which can be easily integrated into the website of the partner platform. The widget is used whenever individual steps of the identification process fail and the user has to be guided through the simplest process. insic uses the latest technologies such as react in the frontend and node.js in the backend. We rely on technological leadership in our segment.

The use of the service for end customers of our partner platforms is usually free of charge. You can find an overview of the transaction costs for our partners on our website under
Prices & Plans
For the area of highly regulated markets such as gambling, there are additional license costs per module.

Our clients include licensed companies from the gambling industry such as lottery companies, gaming brokers, sports betting providers and online casinos.
We are active in the mail order business for 18+ products such as e-cigarettes, alcohol, indexed media and e.g. Air-Soft weapons.

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